lobby souvenier shop karaoke ping pong

  Coin laundry
    Karaoke(2 rooms)

Washing(30min) 200yen
Drying(30min) 100yen
Detergent:50yen at the front desk

1room / 1hour
1 person 550yen
2 persons 1,100yen
3 persons 1,650yen
4 or more 2,200yen

  Ping pong

AM 7:00 - PM 10:00
Ouchiyama milk, Jabara juice, Draft beer, Onsen coffee, etc

1table (30min)330yen
We lend rackets at the front desk
  Suvener shop
  Billiard, Massage chair

AM 7:00 - PM 8:00
Plum wine, Pickled plums, Nachiguro black candy, etc

For free
  Vending machine

Soft drinks.
Ice cream is sold at the ice showcase.

4,000yen for 40min
We outsource. Please ask the front staff.
  Smoking area

In the lobby, in the room. For free.

You can smoke only in outside space.
Erlectric cigarett is  same.

 437 Shimoyukawa, Hongu-cho, Tanabe-shi, Wakayama-ken, 647-1734, Japan
 TEL:0735-42-1111 FAX:0735-42-0200

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