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About doggies

As of February 2022, We have two dogs.

Both are pitch black and are said to be very similar. Because they are brothers born together. (Born in  2014)
The way to distinguish is that the face with a lot of brown is the Mago, and the one with a lot of black is a Kuma. Both are male and hybrid.

When you check out, they will see off you.Please kindly stroke them.

At the time of your stay, you can go for a walk with them.


In Japanese, Kuma means bear.
Because he looked like a bear when he was little.
In Japanese, Mago means grandchild.
The name comes from the first dog to the grandchild.


 Exterior of Yunominesou

I'm Ontama-chan who is Yunominesou mascot character of boiled egg.


Ontama-chan has pants. Ontama-chan are lined up (plastic bag) Ontama-chan's slippers Ontama-chan's paper towel Ontama-chan's strap Ontama-chan coaster

About this website

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Sentences and photos on this website are copyrighted by Yunominesou.
But, about information of Mikumano beef and Iwasimizu pork, we obtaine permission from original website.

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All prices on this website are in Japanese Yen and include taxes.

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Illustration of a dog catching a fish


Dog and Sakura
It looks good in the spring sunshine. Sakura in our parking lot.
Fighting Mago and Kuma
The spring
sunshine looks good.
Sakura in our parking lot.
It is a little hazakura.

Fighting Mago
and Kuma
Mago lying like fu Oyunohara torii in Oyunohara during the cherry blossom season. Kuma's childhood.
Mago lying like fur
Oyunohara torii in Oyunohara during
the cherry blossom season.

Kuma's childhood.

Kumano Kodo

From Hosshinmon-oji to Hongu Taisha1 From Hossinmon oji to hongu Taisha2
From Hosshinmon-oji to Hongu Taisha
Along the way, Mizunomi-Oj
From Hossinmon oji to Hongu Taisha 2

From Hossinmon oji to hongu Taisha3 Kogumotori-goe
From Hosshinmon-oji to Hongu Taisha 3


Dog is walking on an old road Illustration of grass

 437 Shimoyukawa, Hongu-cho, Tanabe-shi, Wakayama-ken, 647-1734, Japan
 TEL:0735-42-1111 FAX:0735-42-0200

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