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Ontama-chan in a yukata

You can choose the dinner from 3 plans.
Every dinner is Japanese set menu (Kaiseki).
Including aperitif, appetizers, sashimi, main dish, rice, soup, dessert etc.
Normal plan → Superior plan → Finest plan
In this order, qality and price are going up.

Beakfast does not change.

Normal plan/11 dishes
~Iwashimizu pork hot spring shabu-shabu~

Iwashimizu pigs are coming down from a lush mountain.

Iwashimizu Pork
Normal plan dishes are lined up.

Main dish is Iwashimizu pork shabushabu. Iwashimizu pork is branded pork in Mie prefecture. Pigs  are raised in a deep maontain and fed with  spring water.
Shabushabu is hot pot which you boil meat and vegetable in onsen water for a few minutes, then dip inponzu sauce.
There are also 3 kinds of sashimi, especialy tuna from Kiikatsuura is the highest quality.
And you can also enjoy other 9 dishes.

Superior plan/12 dishes
~where you can choose from 5 main types~

The dishes of the superior plan are lined up.
5 main types
  • Mikumano beef shabu-shabu
  • Mikumano beef steak
  • Mikumano beef sukiyaki
  • Seafood hot pot
  • Wild boar shabu-shabu

It is a plan with more items and contents than the normal plan, and you can choose from 5 main types.
The three main types of local brand beef, Mikumano beef, are hot spring shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, and misuji mini steak. The remaining two types are wild boar hot spring shabu-shabu and seafood hot pot. You can choose what you like, and you can do it individually for each person.

* If there is no main designation up to 3 days ago, we will prepare it at the hot spring shabu-shabu of Mikumano beef.

Finest plan/13 dishes 
~to enjoy Mikumano beef~

Finest plan, meat of Mikumano beef
Close-up photo of
mini steak

Close-up photo of

Sashimi of finest plan (4 kinds assortment)
finest plan

You can eat both of Mikumano beef shabu-shabu and Mikumano beef mini steak in this plan.
Shabushabu part is rib,  mini steak part is shoulder brade. Sashimi is even better.

Local brand meat

Kishu Iwashimizu pork block meat

Iwashimizu pork

Iwashimizu pork is branded pork bred by Country Farm Nishiura in Mie prefecture.
"Iwashimizu" means spring water in a mountain, the farm feed pigs spring water for drinking.

The feed is mixed with microbiota and enzyme and it brings out pigs original power, the farm hardly give pigs dosage.

In this not stressfull surroundings, pigs are raised, and the meat will be safe and tasty.
Quote source:Country Farm Nishiura

Mikumano beef stands with the barn in the background

Mikumano beef

Mikumano beef is branded Wagyu beef bred by Okada meat shop in Mie prefecture. Typically, even if it's same branded beef, the taste differs depending on farms, feed, surroundings. Mikumano beef cattles are bred in unified surroundings, the taste is stable.

Only female, nulliparous cattles are bred in the Okada farm untile they are 30 months old.

The farm is surrounded by forest trees, and it's using mountain spring for drinking water of cattles. This nature makes tender, rich taste beef.
Quote source:Okada Meat Shop

* Provided with a normal plan. Alternatively, it can be prepared as a bespoke dish.

* Provided with a superior plan and a finest plan. Please see each plan for details.


breakfast breakfast-place

Breakfast is also Japanese set menu.
Onsen rice porridge, onsen egg, onsen tofu hotpot, vegetable salad, grilled hourse mackerel, pickles, miso soup, orange juice.
Healty japanese breakfast will make your good day.


  Dishes Food allergy

Above menu is an example. Depending on seasons, buying situation, we might change menu.

Also, if you are staying for consecutive nights, we will prepare different dishes even if you have selected the same meal plan. Please be assured that the content will be different for each date.

If you have some food allergy or some foods you can't eat, please tell us in advance. We can make meal without those foods.
If you tell us on the day of check in, we might not respond. And depending on the foods, we might not respond.
If you can't eat meat or fish, seafood, please tell us how about stock of them. Especially, fish stock is the fundamental of japanese meal, we have to make a big change. If it's not food allergy, please try meal with fish stock.

We do not have lunch.
The nearest lunch place is around the Hongu shrine. It takes about 10 minutes by car, so thank you.

Bottled beer, draft beer, japanese shochu spirit, wine, sake, whisky, soft drinks, non-alcohoric beer are prepared for the dinner.

 Ontama-chan drinking alcohol.


Dinner will be served in a restaurant or a guest room.
Breakfast will be served in a restaurant.
Sorry but you can't choose the place of dinner.

Restaurant scenery

Dinner starting time PM5:30/6:00/6:30 (Close 20:00)

Breakfast starting time AM7:00/7:30/8:00 (Close 9:00)

* We will ask you about your meal time upon arrival. Customers do not need to contact the inn in advance.

 437 Shimoyukawa, Hongu-cho, Tanabe-shi, Wakayama-ken, 647-1734, Japan
 TEL:0735-42-1111 FAX:0735-42-0200

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